Ford Deluxe

Body StyleSedan
Engine2.19.6 Cu In

This beautiful car has now been through our workshop and had a full check over. It has had replacement brakes and a new battery fitted. The engine has been fully serviced including an oil change and new filters, We have test driven the car over the last week to ensure its smooth running to our great satisfaction.

Ford Motor company first introduce the De Luxe range in 1938 to provide an upscale version of its “Standard” model.  The “Deluxe” name was used prior to 1938 but only to denote an upscale trim on other models.

The Deluxe Fords of 1939 had a new low pointed V shaped grille with heavier vertical bars. The design of this was credited to legendary ford designer Bob Gregorie with styling assistance from Edsel Ford. Gregorie was originally a Yacht designer which may attribute the grille and hood looking somewhat similar to the bow of a boat. The headlights were now set further apart and were constructed using tear drop glass covers in an aerodynamic style. They were now sat almost in front of the front wheels. The side grilles and louvers were removed in favour of chrome strips. The “alligator” bonnet  (hood) opened deep from the top grille back, eliminating side panels which were found on previous models.

The engine was revised in 1939 to include downdraft carburetors which widened the torque band creating 85hp.  The main advancement that came in 1939 was Fords decision to start using hydraulic breaks across its line, an advancement that his competitors had been embracing for several years.