Chevrolet Master Deluxe

Body StyleCoupe
Engine216 Cu In

The History

The Chevrolet Deluxe was first introduced in 1941 and ran through to 1952. It was the brads leading seller and was conceived to offer a car that didn’t share similar styling to the trucks. In the 1941/42 model years, the 216cid inline 6 “Blue Flame” engine was the only one offered. It produced 85 horsepower at 3300 rpm. It had a manual 3 speed with synchromesh and vacuum assisted shift, in which the “three-on-the-tree” shifter was able to be moved between gears by the slightest pressure on the lever. The brakes were hydraulic with all-wheel drums. It had a split flat glass type windscreen with vacuum actuated wipers

The exterior of the car was designed with smooth curves and chrome and stainless steel trim. The rear bumper had an optional center bumper guard that had to be ratcheted out of the way so the boot cover could be opened

The interior had cloth bench seats and a metal dash complete with a mono vacuum tube radio with integrated speaker. On the left side of the radio, there was a knob labeled “T” which operated the throttle (during startup, it was hard to press both the starter pedal and the accelerator, while keeping the clutch depressed) and to the right was the choke lever. The clock was integrated into the glove compartment.

In 1941, the Master Deluxe had updated styling from the year before with things such as a new grill, new suspension, new curves, and the headlight mounted in the fenders.