American LaFrance

Body StyleType 10
Engine9000cc 4 cylinder

American Lafrance were one of the earliest producers of fire apparatus in the Unites states, they can be traced as far back as 1832. They first produced a mechanical fire engine in 1907 and from then on a legacy was born. They are world renowned for hand crafting beautiful fire engines that were in service throughout America for almost a century. By the mid twenties ALF had produced over 4000 fire trucks as well as other commercial vehicles.

This particular model is a 1914 Type 10. The type 10 was introduced in 1911 and was an improved version of the earlier type 5. Bore and stroke remained the same as the previous model  at 5 1/2 and 6 however the horse power was increased slightly to 72. This car has undergone some major restoration in recent years. The previous owner had the car re bodied to give it its current look, the rear of the car that would of originally been a flat back to carry either hoses or crew now has additional seating complete with a hood, making it better suited for driving to events or shows.

This really is a must see car for any collector of vintage automobiles or fire department apparatus.